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National-Transregional Accrediting Association

Steps to Accreditation

There are two distinct phases in the ANTAAC accreditation process:
• Assessment processes, which must be in place before a program’s formal submission of a Request for Evaluation.
• The 12-month accreditation process itself, which begins with a Request for Evaluation submission.

Before the Accreditation Process: Assessment Planning
Before an institution submits a formal Request for Evaluation for a program, the program must have in place processes for internal assessment. These processes may take several years to develop. During this preparation phase, a program must:

• Implement the assessment process for program educational objectives and student outcomes.
• Demonstrate a continuous improvement loop.
• Collect student work examples.
• Review the most up-to-date Accreditation Criteria, Accreditation Policy, and Procedure Manual, and Self-Study Questionnaire(s) which are updated every year.

Request For Evaluation

Programs seeking accreditation must submit a Request for Evaluation by January 15th to secure a review in the same calendar year between July and August. One official graduate’s transcript must accompany each program’s request for evaluation.
Renewing a Program’s Existing Accreditation

Programs with an existing accreditation must submit a Request for Evaluation for general / comprehensive visits, interim visits, or interim reports.

Requesting Initial Accreditation

When seeking initial accreditation, a program must have a graduate prior to the team’s on-site visit, which is conducted between July and August. For more information or questions, please contact NTAAC HERE.

Please choose one of the following three options:

• Option One
The program is seeking initial NTAAC initial accreditation and currently not accredited.
 Option Two
The program is seeking initial NTAAC re-accreditation from a currently accredited institution i.
• Option Three
The program is seeking initial NTAAC accreditation for new programs.

When can a new program seek initial ABET accreditation?

NTAAC accreditation can be granted only if at least one student has graduated from the designated program. Retroactive accreditation may be granted to cover students who graduated during the academic year prior to the on-site visit. Typically, these are the students whose sample work and transcripts have been evaluated.

If a new program desires to have its first graduates covered by accreditation, the program’s initial visit should be arranged for the September-December time period immediately following the academic year in which the first student graduates.

Consider programs in the U.S., where the academic year, typically starts in late August and ends in mid-August the following year, for example. If a program expects its first graduate in May 2014, the program should submit an evaluation package in January 2014 in order for the first graduate to be covered by accreditation. For a program that expects to have its first graduate in December 2014, the program should submit an evaluation package in January 2016.