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National-Transregional Accrediting Association

About us

We are a private accrediting agency, servicing the private and religious school world. We have been doing a wonderful job by providing quality and effective services to our member schools. In order to protect a basic level of quality, the practice of accreditation arose in the United States as a means of conducting non-governmental, peer evaluation of educational institutions and programs. Private educational associations of regional or national scope have adopted criteria’s reflecting the qualities of a sound educational program and have adopted procedures for evaluating institutions or programs to determine whether or not they are operating at basic levels of quality”.

All published prices are subject to change without notice. Persons who are currently engaged in any NTAAC offering may finish the current offering under the then current published pricing scheme. When you request information to begin the Accreditation process for your school, we provide you with information which outlines the various steps required, the time frame allotted for each step and a schedule of activities necessary to assure that the process maintains its integrity through timely compliance.

The philosophy of NTAAC makes sure that you are not being robbed just to get accredited and you may budget your time and spread out the financial commitment in affordable installments. Extensions of time to complete each step may be granted upon request, initiated by you, however, proper remittance must be paid when due or you will be billed a late fee of $100 per incident if invoiced.

In addition, the accreditation process must be totally completed, including the visitation, within one year of initiation. An extension of time may be granted upon request, initiated by you, however, a $550 fee and a new school profile update must be submitted, to stay in the process, each year.

Any School that voluntarily withdraws from the accreditation process or who otherwise fails to maintain continuity of progress must start over from the beginning with no prior credit for work completed or fees paid. No exceptions!


For more information, please contact NTAAC HERE.